We meet two different times throughout the school year at Friendship Children’s Ministry: Sunday at 9:15 and Wednesday at 6:15.
Our Sunday School program is designed to teach children the foundational accounts of God’s Word. These stories are at the core of our faith, relating to how we know and understand God. Children will enjoy their class times! We incorporate high energy games and technology to create a captivating environment.
Our core children’s ministry meets on Wednesday night, and we call it “LOL”, or Love Out Loud. We teach core beliefs that are taught in God’s Word through daily devotionals, Discipleship Groups, and Ministry Training Tracks. Children will be encouraged to read God’s Word with their families through daily activity binders. Their Discipleship Group leaders will then discuss what the children learned throughout the week and clarify any of their questions. During their Ministry Training Tracks, children will have the opportunity to learn how to put their faith into action through various activities such as Worship Ministry, Lego Building, and Kitchen Ministry.  
Sunday School and LOL are completely different ministries with different purposes. Sunday School focuses on teaching foundational Bible stories in ways that children can understand them and learn more about God. LOL (which takes places on Wednesday nights) focuses more on practical doctrines such as worship, prayer, and Bible reading. Both are important for the spiritual development of each child. While one focuses on a deeper understanding of God, the other helps children put that knowledge into action.

Parent Resources




Talking to Children about Prejudice


PluggedIn – pluggedin.com

This is one of my favorite website for media. This ministry gives a very detailed preview of every movie and video game that is produced. You will know just how good or bad any movie or game might be before your child sits in front of them.

The Parent Cue – theparentcue.org

Parent Cue is a branch of Orange Curriculum. Their goal is to merge the circles of families and church so that both sides can help raise children and teens in their faith. This website gives great articles for various phase developments, dealing with a crisis, and advice on technology.

Crossway – crossway.org

Crossway is a book publishing company that also publishes various articles on their website. The link above takes you directly to their “Marriage and Family” articles.

Focus on the Family – focusonthefamily.com

Focus on the Family is a trusted website with years of influence on how to best raise a family.